OWD club officers

President- John Besse

I’ve been on or in the ocean for my entire life and have enjoyed all it has to offer from swimming, deep sea fishing and SCUBA diving- by far my favorite hobby. We are fortunate to live in New Jersey, whose coast is littered with hundreds of interesting wrecks teaming with marine life, most all of which are well within reach advanced recreational divers. I love organizing trips to these wrecks, meeting new people and sharing tips and experiences with other divers. For me, diving in New Jersey has never gotten old- it’s always a unique experience, an adventure that keeps me super motivated on and off season!



Vice President-

Coming Soon



Secretary - Veronica Grimaldi

I started diving in 2008 and became a club member shortly thereafter. As much as I love doing shore and wreck diving in New Jersey, the thrill of traveling the world in search of unique dive spots is what has me hooked. The Silfra Fissure in Iceland, the wrecks of the 1000 Islands in Canada, and the Blue Hole in Belize have been some of my favorite underwater adventures thus far. I truly love diving and all of the wonderful people who have come into my life over the years because of it!



Treasurer - John Galvin

I have been diving for over 35 years & a member of Ocean Wreck Divers for 14 years. I enjoy wreck diving in New Jersey as well as dives on the east coast from Canada to the Caribbean.
In 2021, I am looking forward to exciting dive adventures exploring the shipwrecks off the coast of New Jersey.



Public Relations - Joe Conrey

A diver for years, I enjoy exploring the wrecks off the coast of New Jersey. I have dove in various locations including the FL Keys, Costa Rica and one of my favorite spots Cozumel. I am a novice underwater photographer who enjoys capturing and sharing photos & videos of the underwater world!