OCean wreck divers flea market

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the date and time for the 2024 SCUBA Flea Market? What is the price of admission?

The SCUBA Flea Market is Sunday March 10, 2024.

Doors will be open at 9:00am until 1:00pm

Admission is $7.00 at the door, Children under 12 yrs. old Free with Paid Adult!

2. Where is the SCUBA Flea Market held, and what is the best way to get there?

It will be held at the :  Infoage Museum ,  2201 Marconi Road ,Wall Township NJ 07719.  Near exits 100 and 98 of the Garden State Parkway


3. Is there a pre-determined date for future flea markets, for example, are they always on the third Sunday in February?

No. The markets are usually held on Sundays in February and/or March, but the exact dates of future SCUBA flea markets are unpredictable from year to year due to availability of facilities.

4. What things are sold at the SCUBA Flea Market?

In general, you would find all the goods sold at a regular dive shop plus many additional items. Some of the booths are run by local dive shops that sell their regular new gear at a discount for this one day. Other tables may be run by specialists who focus on one aspect of diving such as new backpacks for double tanks and other technical diving gear. Some of the booths also sell used gear.

5. Will there be food available at the Flea Market?

No. There will be no food for sale this year.

6. I want to rent a table at the SCUBA Market. How big is a table, how much does it cost and who should I contact to rent it?

In previous years ALL the tables were 8 feet long,  A FEW TABLES  8 FEET LONG MAY BE RANDOMLY SUPPLIED WHEN WE RUN OUT OF 6 FOOT TABLES.)

Tables will be held until 12/20/23 for last year’s renters (and people who sent in their check after the last available table was rented). Tables are available to the general public after 12/21/23. 

We now have last years room, plus an additional room of nearly equal size. 80% more room for shoppers and at least 20% more tables. There will be no overcrowding.

7. How can I print out an application form to get a table at the SCUBA Flea Market?

SCUBA Flea Market Application

8. How can I view and print out the publicity flyer?

SCUBA Flea Market Flyer

9. Who do I call if I have more questions?

Questions can be sent via E-mail to info@oceanwreckdivers.com or call (732) 255-9304

While at the museum you can visit the New Jersey Historical diver’s Association free displays on boats , shipwrecks, and scuba